Finance Your Equipment & Supplies

Burge Medical Supply has partnered with Loan Hero Finance to provide low interest monthly payments to qualified buyers in need of financial assistance to purchase their medical supplies and equipment.

Loan Hero Finance
The process is simple, discreet, and can be completed online. Access the application by clicking the Loan Hero banner.

Easy To Apply

  • Click on the banner and launch the application.
  • Fill out all of the requested information.
  • Submit the application and wait for approval.
  • Call Burge Medical Supply to discuss your terms and rates.
  • Select the terms and rates that best suit you.
  • Make your purchases and have them shipped to you immediately.

It's that simple. Just one more way Burge Medical Supply is committed to bringing you the medical equipment and accessories you need and deserve.

Contact us to discuss our financing option through Loan Hero Finance. If you need assistance with the application process please call. Your information is private and confidential.
(662) 234-8324 or 1-888-927-5728