Medical Alert System Now with automatic fall detection!

Burge Medical Supply has partnered with LifeStation® to bring our customers a reliable, quality home medical alert monitoring system at an affordable price. The anxiety and worry of leaving loved ones at home unattended due to work and other obligations can be relieved with the LifeStation Medical Alert System. For a low monthly fee, the LifeStation system provides 24/7, whole-home monitored coverage by trained staff from call centers right here in the USA.


In the event of an emergency, LifeStation technicians are able to communicate with your loved ones, dispatch emergency personnel, and notify family members, getting them the immediate medical attention they need. LifeStation equipment is durable and waterproof, allowing it to be worn in the tub or shower, and it requires NO technical knowledge or training to operate. Simply press a button on the wristband or pendant and you are automatically connected to LifeStation's monitoring center and ready for assistance.

The reliability, affordability, and simplicity of use are what makes LifeStation Medical Alert Systems the home medical alert monitoring system of choice. Give your loved ones the additional security they need and yourself the piece of mind you deserve. As a Burge Medical Supply customer, you are entitled to free equipment and installation, along with a $1 discount off monthly monitoring fees. Call Burge Medical Supply now and ask us to tell you more about LifeStation!
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Key Features

There are so many reasons to choose LifeStation, here are a few:


Easy Operation

Professional Monitoring


Quality Equipment

Piece Of Mind


Contact us about LifeStation today!

And start living with the piece of mind that your loved ones are safe.